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On the Other Hand... (2005-04-18 - 5:39 p.m.)

There are always two sides to every story.

And since I want to be fair, as well as exonerate anything to do with my beloved Red Sox, I will present the other side of the Gary Sheffield/Chris House story. By the way, Chris House is the name of the aforementioned fan (in my previous journal).

First off, let me say that Red Sox fans still have a reputation for being somewhat mean. But so do Yankees fans. So there.

I owe much thanks to Fort Worth Star Telegram columnist Gil Lebreton for writing a different version of this story based on repeated viewings of the "offense" in question. I've come back and added might have to "register" in order to read the article. I think it's free, though.

I've linked to Lebreton's article, so you can read the entire column, should you so desire. Obviously, my man Lebreton is also a bit of a Red Sox fan. Or a Yankee hater, which is almost the same thing in my book. There's a tee that I want that says, "I root for two teams. The Red Sox and anyone who beats the Yankees." 'Nuf said.

Anyway, according to Lebreton, Chris House was just one of about five different people who were making a play for the foul ball that was coming there way. Perhaps he accidentally hit Sheffield. Sheffield lunged at him, causing a collision with a lady who, in turn, spilled her beer on Sheffield. So, no beer was thrown. No punch was thrown. At least according to this version of the story.

I like Lebreton's version better than my previous version. This is not a retraction of my previous entry, but simply a presentation of the other side of the story. I didn't actually see the video myself. I have only read two differing accounts of the same story.

The Yankees continue to be in last place. (Oh, what glory!!) The Sox are moving up, but, hey. It is very, very early in the season. It's a long, long way to wait. Sorry. It's a long, long way to October. But every game matters.

Every game.

I'll be sitting behind the Red Sox dugout for two games on April 30 and May 1. I'll probably be making some Rangers fans angry. Oh, well. They'll get over it.


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