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Meat, meat, meat... (2003-11-13 - 9:15 a.m.)

Saturday night, I took Christi out for dinner and a movie for her birthday. For dinner we went to a place in downtown Fort Worth called "Texas de Brazil." Now...some of you may have heard of this place. I must tell you that this was one of the most awesome dining experiences that I have ever had.


First of all, fair warning. It is mucho daneiro. Dinner plus tip was in the neighborhood of, oh, say $125.00. Yeah, that's right. For two people.

After you get back in your chair, let me tell you about it. The "ambience" is very nice (except we were sitting too close to the bar, where the tv was a distraction). The servers treat you practically like royalty. To be treated as a customer that matters is almost worth the price.

The salad bar was huge, with a lot of exotic stuff that I couldn't describe if I had to. But it had stuff like smoked salmon on endives, large pieces of portabello mushrooms (cold...didn't like them), palm hearts, artichoke hearts, sliced cucumber, and there was this rice, beans and flour concoction that was "da bomb!"

Ok...after the salad (oh, yeah...the price is fixed. The only "ala carte" item was lobster at an additional $23 something), We were brought a fresh plate and the meat started coming. And it kept coming. You actually have to make them STOP bringing you meat!

You get this little round side's green and the other is red. Green for "bring on the meat!" and red for "Whoa!"

The servers walk around the room with these skewers full of meat. Top sirloin. Flank steak. Lamb chops. Sausage. Filet mignon. Chicken filet, wrapped in bacon. Pork loin. At one point, I had a piece of all of these on my plate. And that top sirloin...well, my mouth nearly exploded when I took a bite of that.

It's a vegan nightmare, that's what it is. It's a place for PETA members (People for Eating Tasty Animals!!) BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

After that, we went to the Palace theater to see "Mystic River," starring Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and um...lessee...oh, yeah. Kevin Bacon. Also Lawrence Fishburn. And Laura Linney. Great movie! Very emotional.

Now, I know I wasn't supposed to go see this movie as a supporter of our President because it stars two people who can't seem to keep their mouths shut in criticism of same President. But, it was still a good movie. Sean Penn is an excellent actor, darn it! I can't stand the man, but he is a great actor.

I recommend the movie. It is rated R for language, basically. That was about it. No sex, no nudity, not really any violence (just a little at the end).

That's it for now. I finished reading that Vampire Slayers book earlier in the week. I will review it tomorrow.

I'm currently reading Years of Minutes by Andy Rooney. It is a book full of selections of his little bits at the end of the 60 Minutes shows. It is great fun...amazing how much he resembles Dave Barry. Stylistically, you know, not physically. He looks nothing like Dave Barry at all. Not yet, anyway.

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