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Cancelled Conventions and Purpose (2004-01-26 - 5:32 p.m.)

I tried to do this Saturday, but was once again prevented by powers beyond my control. First, the error message: "Ybrowser has performed an illegal function and must be shut down." Grrr..... Then, as soon as I got logged back in....the power went off! And stayed off. For at least an hour, which was when we gave up and all went out for lunch.

What I was going to say was that I had just discovered, much to our mass dismay, that our Houston Vulkon convention has been cancelled!! Darn it, darn it, darn it! So, as destiny would have it, we still aren't going to get to meet Giles!

At least we got our money refunded. No explanation as to why it was cancelled, though.

Yesterday, I began reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I know that Robin Lee Hatcher has read this and commented quite a bit about it in her diary, which has inspired me greatly over the past year. I finally decided to get it and read it. So, I will be jotting down notes from the book occasionally. It begins with the declaration that "it all starts with God." Well, duh. But, hey, we need to be reminded of that frequently, because we are always forgetting and thinking that this life is, in fact, all about ME!!

But it's not. No. No.

It's all about God. And that is the beginning of figuring out what your purpose in this life is.

I have begun a list of resolutions. I will eventually post them here on a side-line or something.

That's it for now, must go read some more.

Grace and peace.

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