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U2 Or Not U2...That Is the Question (2005-03-16 - 8:57 a.m.)

Off work for the day, and the next two days so we can attend the funeral tomorrow morning in Kilgore.

Now, I'll tell my story of trying to buy U2 tickets.

One day last week, they announced on several area radio stations that U2 would be coming to the AA center on Ocober 29th. Tickets would go on sale Saturday last (the 12th).

That's 7 1/2 months before the concert date, gentle readers. How many concerts have you ever heard of that went on sale that long before the event?

Well, anyway, at 10am sharp on Saturday morning, I sat galliantly at this here computer with my browser pointed at the Ticketmaster website (I've really always wondered how you "point" your browser at anything!) and started trying to get tickets. Three tickets.

Right away, I was offered three fairly decent seats. Right off the floor, first section, directly across from the stage, about 7 rows back. Not bad. Then I looked at the price.



One hundred sixty dollars.

I had two minutes to make up my mind, so I ran up front to make sure (I really knew, of course) that Christi didn't want me to spend that much money on U2 tickets.

"How much are you willing to spend on these tickets?" I enquired, innocently.

She looked at me with one of those looks. You married men know exactly what I'm talking about.

"Not that much," she said.

Keep in mind, I had not yet mentioned a price.

"$60?" she queried. I shook my head.

"$80?" Nuh-uh.

I finally gave it to her. Needless to say, she was not willing to pay more than $500 (you know, service charges, etc.) to see an aging rock band.

So I ran back here to see what else was available. I was aware that there were lower prices, supposedly all the way down to $49.50.

By the time I searched again (we're talking maybe 5 minutes has passed), I could not find three seats together ANYWHERE!

By 10:15, I could not find a single seat anywhere in the arena. Apparently, this concert sold out in...

Hold on.

Hold the phones.

I'm looking at the Ticketmaster web site in another window, now, and it says that this event is no longer in their database!


I dug further and it says "No dates scheduled in Dalls-Ft Worth & surrounding areas."

I'm gonna have to look into this.

I just called KZPS and they seem to think it's still on because they have a ton of tickets to give away.

We shall see. This is a mystery, indeed.

Dum dee dum dum.

Dum dee dum dum DAHHHHH


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