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Vacation, Pt 1 (2006-06-03 - 9:39 a.m.)

We are currently in Idaho Falls, Idaho (anybody know the two letter code for Idaho?). We have met the "boyfriend" and his family, and had dinner with them last night at the "Five and Diner." Clever name, and a neat, fifties-style diner. We then went over to the boyfriend's family's house for desert.
Our two flights were smooth and relatively uneventful. We left DFW for Salt Lake City at 8:15 am. The flight was approximately two hours and 15 minutes. It was a little cramped, but ok. I listened to my iRiver mp3 player most of the way. We had about an hour and a half layover in Salt Lake City, then had a 39-minute flight to Idaho Falls. Up, then down. Kind of funny. Obviously, they did not serve drinks on this flight.
We had a bit of a meltdown, though, with Stephanie, yesterday. First, let me make a correction from a previous entry. I listed one of the ingredients of the PK therapy as Folic Acid. That is incorrect. It is "folinic acid." Folinic acid is a folate, found naturally in foods. Folic acid is a synthetic folate.

The purpose of folinic acid in the therapy is to bind better with the metals, kind of "stir things up" a bit. Stephanie received the folinic acid for the first time Thursday afternoon.

Apparently, it stirred things up quite a bit. Stephanie's behavior was so bad at one point yesterday, that I was ready to just give up all the therapy and treatments because they were appearing to be a waste of money. Things did get better after we left the Best Buy parking lot and went back to the hotel and just rested for a couple hours before our dinner with the Guilford family.

We were racking our brains to see what she might have eaten that could have compromised the diet. But then Christi suggested that it might have been the folinic acid. She had the same kind of reaction after the EDTA challenge the first week. So this makes us need to decide if the folinic acid is bad or good. The good news is that the episode should be over relatively quickly. And it might be necessary to help eliminate any toxic metals more quickly.

At any rate, we all apologized and forgave each other last night. Today is a new day, and, hopefully, will be better.

Once again, I really have to make myself stop and realize that, at times like these, Steph really cannot control herself. She seems to not have a clue how she is acting. My anger doesn't help the situation. Threats don't do any good at all. On the other hand, we can't just always give in and let her do/have everything she wants.

Today, Rachel and Cody (the boyfriend) are going to hang out with one of their other W.O.W. friends, play "Guitar Hero," and watch "Spinal Tap." Christi, Steph and I are going to try again to go to Best Buy, and maybe to the local zoo, and this place they have called "Funland." That sounds like a good place for a Stephen King movie, doesn't it? *evil laugh*

Oh. I can't leave this out. When Cody came to the hotel to meet us yesterday afternoon, he brough three roses to Rachel. I almost started crying.

There will probably be another entry tomorrow, since the hotel in Idaho Falls has free internet in the rooms and wifi in the "Great Room." After that, we will just have to see where we can find wifi spots. There is allegedly a Mickey D's close to our condo that has wifi. We shall see.

TTFN, y'all

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