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Vacation, Pt. 3 (2006-06-05 - 9:58 a.m.)

Wonder of wonders! There is a wireless signal somewhere around our condo that is bleeding over enough for us to use it. Maybe it's coming from the local lodge. I was told at the rental office that the lodge in Teton Village had wifi. So, anyway, here I am!

I'm sitting at the dining room table in our condo in Teton Village, WY (I knew that one), looking out the back patio door at some pretty darned majestic mountains. The ones out the back door are pretty far away, but out the front door, there are several looming overhead that look like they are right across the street. Here's a link to a picture of one from our back porch. Mountain picture. And here is a picture of some critter that was eating out of Christi's hand this morning. Chipmunk, gopher? Somebody help me here.

Anyway, it is absolutely, tremendously, run-out-of-words beautiful up here.

It is also about 10 times the normal elevation that we are used to. Fort Worth is about 600 ft. We are at approximately 6700 ft here. And when we take the tram up the mountain in a day or two, we will be 4000 ft higher. Christi has had a little difficulty, but says she is better this morning.

Stephanie has been much better. Yesterday went pretty much without incident. We got up and piddled around for the morning, slowly packing up and getting ready to leave the hotel. We took our time getting stuff out to the car, then went to pick up The Boyfriend. We went back to the Five and Diner (we find a good place and we stick with it)(side note...we just saw two people parasailing out our back door! Whee!!) for breakfast, then headed east to Wyoming. It was a good trip, taking a little over two hours. We arrived, checked in with no trouble at all, had no problems finding the place. It's a nice, three bedroom condo with good-sized living room, nice kitchen and all the bedrooms upstairs. There are two televisions, one equipped with a dvd player. In fact, the only issue we had with Stephanie was when she refused to sleep in her and Rachel's bedroom because it doesn't have a tv (the second one is in our master bedroom). She wanted to sleep downstairs in the living room, to which we just kind of shrugged and said, "ok." No biggie. Except that Rachel and The Boyfriend were still down there. I'm not sure what time Stephanie finally left our room. Maybe by the end of the week, she will sleep upstairs. I'm not really worried about that issue.

Today, we have plans to drive on into Grand Teton National Park (Christi says we can get a week pass into both Grand Teton and Yellowstone for the car for $20) and roam around a bit. Then, around 5pm this evening, we have reservations for a float trip down the Snake River. That sounds like fun. Then I guess we will have a late dinner.

Good times ahead, I can feel it. And Stephanie seems fine, so, bonus!

By the way...for those of you reading this because I started chronicling the autism issue, we have about two weeks to influence congresspeople about the Combating Autism Act. Please call, fax, and write your reps and senators about this act. It is important that it stay the way it's written, including the environmental language that is in it. Thank you.

That's it for today, probably. Be back tomorrow with reports about the Grand Tetons and the float trip. Hopefully, more pictures, too.

TTFN, y'all!

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