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Waking the Dead (2004-07-21 - 6:34 p.m.)

First off, I want to thank Lindsey for this book that I finished earlier this week.

I've mentioned it in a couple previous entries. It's called Waking the Dead, by John Eldredge. The subtitle is "The Glory of a Heart Fully Alive."

This book definitely had an impact on me. (Notice: I did NOT, repeat, NOT say "this book impacted me!" Take note, kiddies..."impact" is NOT to be used as a verb except when you desire to say that you have been crushed to a bloody pulp.)

*ahem* Sorry about that.

Anyway, the book is all about the heart. The heart is the central point of our relationship with God. It basically dictates how our whole perspective on life goes.

Here's a quote: "Christians have spent their whole lives mastering all sorts of principles, done their duty, carried on the programs of their church...and never known God intimately, heart to heart." (p. 48)

He speaks of three "Eternal Truths."

Eternal Truth number one: There's more to life than meets the eye.

Eternal Truth number two: This is a world at war.

Eternal Truth number three: We have a crucial role to play.

Here's another quote: "I shall take the heart, for brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world." (Extra points for anyone who can identify where that quote comes from...)

"The heart is central, to find our lives, we must make it central again. Those who live from the heart find those who live from the mind...unavailable."

I am going to have to read this book again.

Currently, I'm reading a book from around 1993, called Roaring Lambs, by the late Bob Briner. It's all about the lack of "Christian" influence in places like journalism, movies and television. Great book, so far.

I, too, like Rachel have become somewhat addicted to Launch radio. The thing is, it has a kabillion differenct channels to select from. I mean, they even divide the Jazz genre into five or six categories! Who knew there were that many types of Jazz?? And there are half a kabillion different subcategories of rock! They even have a "Praise and Worship" channel for those Sunday morning quiet times when I'm getting ready for church.

Sounds like dinner's home. Gotta go.

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