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Without A Paddle in China (2004-09-04 - 10:21 a.m.)

I have several different things on my mind this morning, so it's going to be difficult to decide what to write.

I guess the first thing is kind of light-hearted.

Rachel and I went to see "Without A Paddle" yesterday afternoon.

"Why," you might ask, "wasn't that young lady in school?" And well you might ask.

That young lady wasn't in school because both of us had yearly physicals yesterday morning, and it was after 11:00 before we got finished. I wasn't about to make her go to school just for an afternoon PE class. So there.

Ok, back to the movie. "Without A Paddle" is a dumb movie. It's meant to be a dumb movie, and seems to be advertised as a dumb movie. I mean, look at the cast. Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, and Dax something or other. Shepard, that's it.

With that assessment out of the way, I will continue to say that "Without A Paddle" was an extremely enjoyable movie. Tom, Jerry, and Dan are three childhood friends who meet up again as adults at the funeral of the fourth childhood friend, Billy. After climbing up in their old treehouse, they find a map allegedly leading to a treasure that they had been obsessed with as children. The map appeared to be relatively recent and had been left there by Billy the year before. The three friends decide to go after this treasure.

Wackiness ensues, of course.

There is a depth of friendship in this movie that is rare. That is what makes this movie shine. Oh, yeah, there are many laugh-out-loud funny parts, some of which are kind of naughty (the cuddling to stay warm scene was one of the funniest ever--
"Dan Mott : The only chance we have to survive is to huddle together for warmth...

Jerry Conlaine : I, for one, choose death."),
but the relationship between these three guys is top notch.

Burt Reynolds is great as the friend of D.B. Cooper, whose treasure they are out to find. In one scene, where his character, Del, is giving the three guys some fresh clothes, he says, "You boys better get dressed faster 'cause I been up here alone for almost 30 years now."

Rachel Blanchard and Christina Moore are fabulous as Flower and Butterfly, two tree huggers who have been living in the top of a tree in the woods for almost a year. At one point, Dan asks one of the to take off her leggings, at which point she reveals legs hairier than mine. AAAAUUUUGHHH!!

The movie has a great ending, which I will not reveal here. Hopefully, the DVD will have some outtakes on it. They should be really funny.

Go see this movie. It's PG-13 and suitable for most of the family.

On a not so light note, the Baptist World Alliance seems to have lost their marbles. Click on the link, and you'll see what I mean.

They are celebrating "religious freedom" in the most civil-rights-bereft country in the world, with the possible exception of North Korea.

I just read part of the article on the cover page of the Alliance's web-site )linked above), and I'm really not sure where they are getting their information. I have been reading news reports for weeks, now of Christian leaders and house-church members being arrested in droves.

Religious persecution is alive and well in China, regardless of what the BWA thinks. Here's part of an article from Agape Press's Allie Martin, from August 18...

"The Communist Chinese government continues to crack down on Christians

who refuse to compromise their beliefs. Over 100 house church leaders

and other Christians were arrested in China earlier this month. In the

days following the raid, many family members of those arrested have


been taken into custody, and three other Christians have also been

sentenced for exposing acts of persecution by Chinese officials. According to Chinese law, a person can be incarcerated for up to three

years without being tried or even having formal charges filed against


I guess the Baptist World Alliance must have been busy that day.

Personally, I sincerely believe that the free world should refuse to participate in any Olympic Games held in China. It's time for us (the USA) and any other free nation to stop coddling the most repressive regime in the world.

Why doesn't our president want to invade them??

Weapons of Mass Destruction are not always tangible, are they?

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