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Iron-Clad Liver (2004-05-30 - 7:27 a.m.)

Ha Ha!!

The results are in.

New studies are saying that consuming lots of caffeine protects your liver!

That means my liver is Iron-Clad!

Nothing will ever get anywhere close to my liver! I knew there was a reason that I consume so much caffeine!

Of course my kidneys are going to be a totally different story. I wonder if livers can be trained to do the work of kidneys?

On another subject, Rachel got a new car yesterday. Well, her mom took her out and bought her a car. Seems that Christi found this great deal on a 2001 Ford Focus, which was rated by Consumer Reports as a pretty good car. Oddly, it has less than 20K miles on it. Not bad at all for a 4 year old car.

"But it's only 3 years since 2001!"

Yeah, but they make the cars the year before. Duh!

Anyway, it was, like, way less than $10K. $8188, I think it was. So we bought it. So we have yet another car payment.

My initial reaction was, "This is crazy! We just bought a new car less than a month ago!"

But, there are some positive aspects to this. It will be Rachel's car (sorry, no link. You wanna link, go back to the other "Rachel" up there), and it will be the primary vehicle that she continues to learn to drive in. It will be the primary vehicle in which she continues to learn to drive. Just wanted to see if I could do that without ending the sentence in a preposition.

Any of you kiddies out there even know what a preposition is??

Anyway, we would be having to get another car in about 9 months, anyway. And this was a good deal. And the payment is less than $200/month!

I gotta get ready for church.

Bye, now.

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