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2004? Yuck! (2004-01-03 - 6:57 a.m.)

So far I am not very impressed with 2004.

I mean, most of the family has been sick the entire YEAR!!

Ok. I know. That was bad joke.

On the upside, remember that diet that I started last Sunday morning?? BAHAHAHAHA....I have had absolutely no problem sticking with it this week. In fact, I have lost 10 pounds!! Woohoo!! Amazing! (Warning: Please do not try this at home. I promise you will regret it.)

Also, I have kept up with my regular Bible readings. I'm not behind yet, and it's already January 3. I'm really not kidding. This is a good thing.

I finished up last night by reading my Bible reading for the day and by reading the selection from My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. This book is a regular for me. I used it every year. I don't think I will ever get tired of it.

This year, I have begun to take some notes in the spaces provided in the "journal" edition that my wonderful wife got me for Christmas in 2002. Yesterday's reading spoke of revising our attitudes towards God. You might think this sounds kind of dangerous. After all, that is what our society has been doing for several decades, now, isn't it?

But I understand what he means. If my attitudes towards God become "comfortable," then I am in danger of complacency, or of doing the same things in the same way every time. I must constantly be adapting my attitude.

The key is *nwaD?* that my attitudes be adapted in the framework of what is Biblical and what is guided by the Holy Spirit.

In my Bible reading out of MacArthur's Daily Bible, I read Genesis 3-4, which includes the "Fall." You see, Eve adjusted her attitude about God. But her influence was Satan. Probably the wrong influence, here. That "attitude adjustment" cost the world.

Because of that adjustment, the enirety of humanity is destined for hell.

Fortunately for humanity, the solution was already in place. We just celebrated His birth.

Grace, y'all. (Unlike Rachel, I can say "y'all" and not be embarassed about it.)

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