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Buffy and birthdays (2003-03-26 - 4:49 p.m.)

The new Buffy episode was pretty good last night. It was the first new one in several weeks (they almost blew it with all those re-runs...I almost lost interest), and it kind of begins the countdown to the big apocolyptic ending of the Buffy series, which is slated for May 20. My luck, channel 21 will schedule a stupid Dallas Mavericks game that night and make us watch it on Wednesday night! Anyway, last was mostly Spike and Principal Wood. Wood tried to kill Spike, and we all knew that was coming. Giles helped him, too, and I think that his time on the show may be over. Buffy closed the door in his face at the end of the show last night. She feels really betrayed by his cooperation with Wood. Wood is going to fire Buffy from the school, but that didn't happen last night. There were some really great Spike moments in this episode, though. A lot of flashbacks, and we saw his mother for the first time (that I know of). Seems he turned her into a vamp after Drusilla sired him (I love Drusilla...she disappeared somewhere a few seasons ago). But his mother didn't turn out quite the way "William" wanted her to, so he dusted her. All of this was going on while Wood was using Spike's face as a punching bag. But Spike finally overcame the trigger that the First had put in his brain, and then proceeded to easily defeat Wood. Then, to prove that he had changed, he DIDN'T kill Wood when he had the chance. But he made it clear that if Wood "even looks at me funny, I'll kill him!" Next week is another rerun, darn it! Sigh.

Friday and Saturday, we will be celebrating Rachel's birthday (that's "ghostiness"). It should be fun. She turns 14 this weekend.

I've gotta go do stuff. Shouldn't be sitting here in front of the puter.

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