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A New Diaryland!! Whoa!! (March 02, 2008 - 6:22 p.m.)

Not much to say this afternoon, just a quick entry about the *gasp* CHANGE!

Actually, I kind of like it. What I don't like is that my "buddy list" isn't highlighted any more to show me that there are new entries on it. {This note added later...I just noticed that there are TWO links to the buddy list! The one on the right IS highlighted when there are new entries...the one at the top isn't.} I have to actually click and go there to find that out.

Otherwise, it looks much more adult to me. I always felt kind of embarrassed to use Diaryland, say, while on a break at work, because it looked so, you know, feminine. I mean, c', purple, pink, with was really girly looking.

I'm sure I'll get nasty notes about that, but note that it didn't stop me from using it.

I also like the "recent public entries" feature. Sometimes, you can tell by a user name that you might be interested in what they have to say.

However, I'm not sure that the "users online right now" feature is very useful. It's not like you can, you know, chat with them or anything. Oh, wait...I just noticed there's a "Diaryland chat." Has that always been there? Hehehe...but, I couldn't get it to work.

But over all, I like it. Good form, Andrew!! Good form!

TTFN, y'all!

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