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Three Movies And A Weekend (March 18, 2008 - 5:28 a.m.)


I've gotten through another birthday (last Thursday) and survived 50.

We watched three movies last weekend, one at the theater and two rentals.

At the theater on Friday, my wife and I saw "Vantage Point." I loved it. It was thoroughly enjoyable. However, I have some advice...if you are watching "Vantage Point," and need to go to the restroom, do not, repeat, DO NOT leave when the part about the little girl with the ice cream cone starts.

You see, the whole premise of this movie is to take an event, in this case, the shooting of the American president, played by William Hurt, show the event, then rewind it (we actually see events happening rapidly backwards) and start over from a different person's perspective. Each time, more information about the event is discovered.

And each time Matthew Fox appears to be just a tad more evil. That's all I'm going to say about that...

Well, when the part started up with the little girl and her mother, I thought to my self, "Self, now looks like a good time to go to the bathroom."


I got back, and my wife was frantic. "A million things happened!" she said. Which was ok, because we were the only two people in the theater. Not kidding.

Anyway, the whole plot with the terrorists and everything was revealed while I was relieving myself.


So there. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. But don't leave at that point of the movie.

On Saturday, I stopped at BB and rented (actually exchanged to mailers for...) "No Country For Old Men," and "Becoming Jane." The latter of the two, being for my oldest daughter and my wife.

We didn't watch either one until Sunday. We watched "No Country" right after church while eating lunch.

Does anyone have a clue why this movie got an Oscar?????

We sure didn't.

Ok, I didn't, you know, hate it. But it wasn't "best picture" material, not by a long shot. Javier Bardem was pretty good as the tenacious villain. Tommy Lee Jones was, well, Tommy Lee Jones. Is he ever anyone else? I really like him, though, so that's ok.

Josh Brolin is ok as the poor schmuck who gets sucked into the middle of this horrid story. I guess the whole problem is the story, not so much the acting. The acting was fine. Even the basic plot idea was fine. Guy stumbles across a drug deal gone bad, finds a satchel full of money and takes it. People want the money, so they chase him. Not bad, right?

Big problem is Javier Bardem's character associated with the other bad guys? Never explained. In fact, what is his whole connection with the drug deal and the money. Never explained.

And it doesn't end. I really, really hate movies that don't end. Very frustrating.

Anyway, I don't recommend this one. Not one of the Coen brothers' best efforts. Doesn't even come remotely close to "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"

"Becoming Jane," well, that's a Jane Austen movie. Do I need to say anything else about it?

I didn't think so.

But it was better than "No Country." Hah. Actually, Anne Hathaway is brilliant in this film. All the acting is superb, the scenery is gorgeous, and the story is mildly interesting. About halfway through it, I realized I was watching the typical romantic comedy, only without the comedy. You know...boy meets girl, girl hates boy, boy wins girl, boy loses girl, boy fights back for girl...

Yeah, that movie has been made hundreds of times, most involving Matthew McConaughey with no shirt.

But there is a fresh twist at the end of this one. And that's all I'm going to say about that. Also, I'm pretty sure "Max" from "Across the Universe" is in this movie. Yes...Joe Anderson. And James MacAvoy, who played the young man in The Last King of Scotland who gets caught up being Amin's "advisor," is also in it. He's the "boy" I mentioned several times above. Anne Hathaway, of course, is "girl." "Girl," being Jane Austen.

So there you have it. Three movies in one weekend.

My next BB online movie appears to be "30 Days of Night." I imagine I will be watching that one alone.

Sweeney Todd comes out on April 1!!!! Woot!!!

TTFN, y'all!

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