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The Times, They Are A-Changin' (August 07, 2008 - 5:20 a.m.)

I'm currently reading Clapton, the autobiography of Eric Clapton. So far, it has been fascinating reading, as I see how he got where he is today, and the people that he befriended along the way. He writes about the Beatles and Stones, back when they were first getting started, and meeting a young black guitar player named Jimi Hendrix. He also writes that, at one point, he thought the Beatles were "wankers."

I read something tonight, though, that was very interesting, and shows how much times have changed. One night, he was hanging out with Stephen Stills in Topanga Canyon (apparently somewhere in L.A.). They were playing a bit, and the cops came knocking, probably due to a noise complaint. It quickly became evident that they were all smoking dope, so they got hauled off to the L.A. County jail. Ahmet Ertegun (founder of Atlantic Records) came and bailed him out, and he says he had to then "go to court and swear on the Bible that I had no idea what marijuana was. I was English, after all, and we didn't do things like that in England." That made me laugh out loud. But the next part is very interesting. "I walked out of there without a blemish on my character, but it really shook me up. It was a scary enough experience being locked up in LA's county jail for the weekend, but a drug conviction would have put an instant end to Cream's American career, and the future of mine, too." (Italics are mine.) Isn't that interesting? It shows how much times have changed, doesn't it?

Today, celebrities can get busted time after time after time, and it seems to actually enhance their careers. Scott Weiland (past lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, and currently Velvet Revolver) has been busted for drugs many times and his career flourishes (whenever he can actually stay clean long enough to make a record).

Today, we have people like Lindsay Lohan getting drunk and crashing their cars, and Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant at 16, and these people are our young peoples' heroes?? Sigh.

As Bob Dylan said many years ago, "The times, they are a-changin'."

TTFN, y'all!

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