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Christmas Gifts and New Year's Reses (2004-12-31 - 10:14 a.m.)

Before getting on to the subject of a new year coming, I'll run down what I got for Christmas this year.

Listed in random order (as I think of them)

Star Trek Original Season One DVD Box Set

Carnivale (HBO series) Season One DVD

Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD

VCR/DVDR player

Pink Panther movie DVD set (5 movies)

Cinnamon Altoids

Jelly Bellies


$25 gift certificate for Waldenbooks/Borders (with this, I bought Opus, a 25 year history of Opus Sunday comic strips, and Michael Crichton's new book)

$20 gift certificate for Half-Price Books (haven't spent it yet)

Hat/glove/scarf set

2005 calendar of lighthouses

$500 from parents (have to share with wife)(haven't spent that, yet, either)

Faithful: Two diehard Boston Red Sox fans chronicle the historic 2004 season by Stephen King and Stewart O'Nan

Outlaw Golf 2 for XBox

Bloodrayne 2 for Xbox

Silent Hill 4 for PS2

Last, but most certainly not least, (and I may have forgotten a few things), we went out Sunday and bought ourselves a 2005 Toyota Sienna (traded in our 2000 Town and Country). It had 13 miles on it when we drove it off the lot, and we put about 7 of those on when we test-drove it.

All in all, I'd say it was a great Christmas for the Bickley family.

Now, about those New Year's resolutions. Here goes...

1. I resolve to read an average of a book a week in 2005 (I read 54 in 2004)
2. I resolve to read the Bible all the way through in the English Standard Version.
3. I resolve to practice a musical instrument every day. Included in this resolution is a resolution to get back into playing my trombone, as well as truly learning how to play guitar. I realize that there are many who would scoff at that last statement, and say that there is no hope for me learning how to play the guitar. I scoff back at you!
4. I resolve to pray every day for those around me who are important to me and maybe even for some who aren't around me and aren't important to me.
5. I resolve to lose a lot of weight. I would really like to reach my goal weight by the end of 2005. We shall see.
6. I resolve to be spiritually closer to God at the end of 2005. This is not a measurable goal, so you'll just have to trust my judgment on this one. But you can rest assured that I am painfully honest on this subject. I feel that I did not achieve this goal in 2004.

That's it for now. Maybe I'll think of others. That's probably more than I can keep, anyway.

Right now, I need to go out and help Christi clean out the garage. Monday marks our bulk trash pickup week.

TTFN boys and girls.

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