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Birthdays, Idols, Laptops and Omelets (2006-03-16 - 8:52 a.m.)

No surprises...48 doesn't feel any different than 47.

However, there were some huge surprises last night on American Idol. We watched Tuesday night's festivities from our cabin on Plum Lake in east Texas (about 9 miles out of Canton). There were some absolutely phenomenal performances (Taylor Hicks, for one--brought the house down), and some that were so-so. Every week, we expect little Kevin to get knocked out.

Last night, Ryan started naming people off (after a very mediocre performance by Stevie Wonder). Side note...was anyone else totally bored with the songs Tuesday night? Could it be because all of Stevie Wonder's songs SOUND THE SAME???? I don't share Randy Jackson's obsessions with Wonder. Or anyone else's for that matter. He's ok. That's it. He wrote some good songs in the 70's.

Anyway, back to Wednesday's proceedings. The biggest surprise came first. Ryan named off Ace and Kevin. ACE was in the bottom three! ACE!!! We were dumbfounded. Mind you, I didn't vote for Ace this time, but still...I figured he would be safe. Kevin was safe! Kevin!!! Hee. I voted for him even if he was not so good. We love Kevin. The geeks shall internet the earth. Hahahah....

The next person to land in the bottom three was Melissa. No surprise, there, but I was sad. Melissa had made a strong surge in the past few weeks. But she forgot the lyrics Tuesday night. I wouldn't have known if the judges hadn't made a big deal out of it. I voted for Melissa, too. I like her voice.

The other big surprise was when Lisa landed in the bottom three. Lisa Tucker. I don't get that at all. She is adorable (may I say she even looked a little hot Tuesday night?) and has a great voice and a wonderful personality. I don't know what happened. Perhaps America is stupid. No surprise there, eh?

Well, Melissa is out. But she took it very well, and wasn't surprised. We will see what happens next week. They didn't tell us what the theme next week will be, either. At least we got the Stevie Wonder phase out of the way. I think to be fair to Kevin, next week should be Josh Grobin week. We'll see how Elliot fares on a "non-soul" song, eh?

One last thing. For my birthday, my wonderful wife got me a Gateway laptop! Wheeeee!!! It's AMD equivelant to a Pentium 4, with 1024 RAM, a souped-up video card with 256m ram and wireless. So I can now sit in the family room and play WOW right next to Rachel while we watch tv. She got me a wireless mouse, to go with it, because I can't play WOW without a mouse. Nope. Just can't do it.

Well, they are in the kitchen making omelets, so I better go.

TTFN, y'all...

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