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A Journey Through Autism, Pt. 5 (2006-06-25 - 8:30 a.m.)

Stephanie had her fifth session of PK Therapy on Friday morning. We were both a little sleepy, me because I had worked all night, and her, because I think she stayed up a little late. She fell asleep on the way home from the doctor's office.

The IV went fine, though, and, frankly, the reactions have scaled down quite a bit. There was no hyperactivicity at all after the last session, and I haven't seen any after this one, either. The dosage of glutathione is now up to 900mg (I think the eventual goal is 2000), and the other ingredients have remained constant, I think. The whole thing doesn't even take 10 minutes. I'm still anxious to see what kind of results we see after the tenth week.

Also, we haven't gotten the results back from the genetic testing that we did. Did I ever even mention that? I can't remember. We paid $750 for this genetic test from Dr. Amy Yasko. Can't remember where she is. Anyway, Dr. Hamel, the PK Therapy doctor, thinks it's a good test, and that it will give us some genetic data to go on, which will possibly save some time and money in deciding the best course for Stephanie. Some information about Amy Yasko can be found at I just found it, so I haven't had a chance to read any of the articles, yet, but they look promising.

We had a small episode with Steph last week when she wanted me to order a whole new tier of Dishnet programming just so she could watch one program on the Golf Channel (?) which featured some of the Texas Rangers. I got frustrated and once again began thinking that we are wasting time and money and that she's not getting better. Then yesterday, Christi and I spent half the day cleaning out her Stephie's room while she basically sat and watched us. That, along with some of the stuff we found in there, again frustrated us. But I made myself stop and think about where we've been and how far we have come. She is getting better. Those episodes are fewer, less intense, and longer between. She is beginning to act more mature. She actually put her laundry in the washing machine and started it running yesterday evening. She is showing much more affection than she used to. We have to stop and realize that it isn't all going to change overnight. Darn our society for getting us so used to everything "instant." Life just doesn't work that way. Stephanie is better. I really believe that. We still have hope. And we still believe that autism is curable.

TTFN, y'all

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