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Carved In Rock (2003-11-08 - 11:57 a.m.)

Where the heck have I been for 11 days?? I'm not sure, either.

Anyway...I recently finished Carved In Rock: Short Stories by Musicians, edited by Greg Kihn. You remember Greg Kihn, right? He has a ton of albums, but I only remember one song, "Jeopardy."

This book was a mixed bag. It was, of course a really neat idea, very unique, at least to me.

Some of the stories didn't make any sense, like "Don't Forget" by Kinky Friedman.

"Liverpool Fantasy," by Larry Kirwan, was a good one, about what might have been, if the Beatles hadn't made it big.

"Curtis's Charm," by Jim Carroll, was a nice, creepy story about some voodoo stuff.

"Bad Reputation," by Greg Kihn and Joan Jett (yay!!), is a good story about a rock star who fights off some vampires with the power of Rock n Roll.

"Mirror Gazing with Brian Jones," by Greg Kihn. Good story, more "voodoo-ish" kind of tribal stuff.

"from A Novel in Progress," by Richard Hell. This story was more like gay porn. It almost offended me that it was in this book without some kind of warning, you know? It was totally pointless.

"A Little Bit of Abuse," by Ray Davies (Yay, again!!) Weird story, though, about a painter and his model.

"Scenes from New Europe," by Graham Parker. One of the best stories in the book, totally tongue in cheek with characters like Herr Lipp, Herr Do, Herr E'ass, Herr' O'Th'Dog. The story is all about a place and time, where legislation is in place to force restaurants to give patrons an option to pay the same price, get less food, and ship the rest of the meal off to some homeless people. The second part contains a very surreal depiction of a variety show with Jerry Lewis and Jerry Lee Lewis in France, called "Le Deux Jerry Lewis." Actually quite funny.

"The Bukowski Brother," by Eric Burdon (more Yay!). One word. Huh??

"Pearlywhite," by Marc Laidlaw and John Shirley. Another "one of the best stories in the book." Creepy tale about children and their "familiars," and some creep out to kill them all. Great story.

"Love," by Suzzy Roche. About a mother's love for her daughter. Cool story. Proves that sometimes, you can come home.

"Crazy Carl's Thing," by Johnny Strike. A stuffed, two-headed cow.

"The James Dean Diaries," by Pamela Des Barres. Good one! Very cool.

"Letter to the Drummer, April 8, 1998," by John Entwistle. One page. Not very good.

"The Plate," by Pete Townshend. A detective falls for a client, loses his job, becomes a stalker.

"The Devil's Racetrack: Ray Trailer," by Lydia Lunch. ?? Daydreams in prison? Again, almost pornographic.

"Perfect World," by Exene Cervenka. Short one, a relationship goes sour.

"Narcissus," by Robyn Hitchcock. Fairly good, about a rock group by the same name.

"East Side Story," by Wayne Kramer. Theivery and betrayal.

"A Eology of Sorts," by Steve Earle. Junkies and dealers.

"Mom Comes Home," by Ann Magnuson. Mom used to be a video producer.

"The Cracks," by Willie Nile. If the walls could talk.

"Again the Last Plane Out," by Mick Farren. Forgettable.

"Summer Vacation," by Mary Lee Kortes. Mom gets drunk and goes on drives with the kid.

"Looked A Lot Like Che Guevara," by Steve Winn. Chance encounters in the parking lot.

"Why I Ate My Wife," by M. Gira. Very weird story, but kinda good.

"The Lady of the Valley," by Ray Manzarek. Surreal, almost religious story. Weird, though.

Well, that's it.

I'm currently reading Vampire Slayers, edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.

I gotta go before Christi kills me!

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