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Things That Concern Me (2004-08-05 - 5:51 p.m.)

There seems to be this current trend of making really "cool" looking taillights on cars. Taillights. Tail lights. Is that one word or two?

*Ahem* I digress.

I have heard people say of the Nissan Altima, for example, "I really like those tail lights." "What did the rest of the car look like?" "I dunno, but I really like those tail lights."

So, this afternoon, whilst driving to pick up one of my two offspring (can't remember which one...I have to drive the same way to pick each one up at intervals of one hour; aren't I lucky?) I got behind some car, the make of which I either never identified, or my 46 year old brain has chosen to erase. The tail lights really looked cool. Kind of a starburst effect. Rays of light shooting out in all directions from a center. Only this one had two lights kind of merged together, one on top of the other, so that the "rays" sort of ran into each other. All the "rays" consist of itty bitty lights, by the way. And the brake light that they put in the rear window had about four little splats of itty bitty lights.

Now. Why does this concern me? Because, that's why.

No, wait. There was a better reason than that.

Oh, yeah. If I'm paying that much attention to the tail lights of a car, I'm certainly NOT paying enough attention to other things on the road. For example, the really sharp looking Harley next to me. Or that burgundy Corvette with the tan ragtop *slap!!* *Ouch!* Sorry.

Things like all the other cars on the road.

Here's a scenario.

"Hey, honey, look at that car over there in the right lane."

"Wow! That car has really cool tail-*CRASH!!!* ("Crash" caused by trying to occupy same space as car in front of you.)

See? Tail lights should be boring.

Another thing on cars that doesn't so much concern me as amuse me is the new trend of putting turn signal indicators on the side mirrors of larger vehicles like SUVs. I'm not sure what the purpose is. If the purpose is so that the person driving will not forget that his/her turn signal is on because it's RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEIR FACE, it is failing miserably. HAHAHAH...

Do you know how many of those things I have seen driving around with their turn signals blinking?

Me, either.

I'm starting to suspect that Wicked is a propaganda tool for every special interest group that I don't agree with. What's this guy up to, anyway?

Well, Creepatron DID try to warn me, didn't she?

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