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Go, Horsey, Go (2004-06-26 - 10:43 a.m.)

Went to the horse races last night. First time this year. Also, for the first time, we reserved a box inside and watched from behind a big window with a little monitor in front of us. In spite of the heat, I think I'd rather sit outside. Not sure.

We actually had a pretty good night. It started slow. Stephanie picked a winner early, but we bet to show, so the winnings were minimal ($2.60 return on a $2 bet). Then Christi and I both had winners on the same race, she betting on a horse to show, and I picked an Exacta (picked places one and two in order). My Exacta happened to be the two most favored horses, so it only paid $14.40. Still put me ahead thus far. Keep in mind, we never bet more than $2. This is purely recreational.

A little later, Stephanie got another winner, giving her a grand total for the night of $5.

In race 9, after much deliberation, I chose an Exacta bet for horse number 8, called Skary Karen, and horse number 2, called Ultimate Diva. Rachel also picked Ultimate Diva from home. This was an exciting race, friends. It was short, barely half the track. Skary Karen and Ultimate Diva started out the race ahead. But just into the corner, Ultimate Diva caught up and passed Skary Karen. As we cheered them on, at the last second, Skary Karen caught back up with Ultimate Diva to win in a photo phinish. Heheh..."photo phinish." I like that.

Ahem. Anyway, I was ecstatic! I had won another Exacta. I watched the big scoreboard to see if it would tell me what I won, but it only gave the payoff for the Quinella (like an Exacta, but the horses can come in in any order). The Quinella paid a little more than $44. This was looking good. I was expecting somewhere around $60 or so. I went to the little window, handed the nice lady my ticket. She put it in the machine, which happily told me that my ticket won $114.00 and some change! I think I screamed like a girl. Jumped up and down and everything.

I know $114 isn't that much, but it's far and above anything we've ever won at the races. And it just about made us break even for the whole night, including seat prices and wagering.

Oh, yeah...Rachel won $4.00 on Ultimate Diva in that race, as well.

And Christi won $3.60 on horse number 9 in the last race.

Too bad I didn't pick a Superfecta in race 9. It paid over $8000!

Just a word about gambling, however. While I am hard pressed to find any prohibition against it in Scripture (I am an avid student of the Bible), I recognize the danger of it. I have struggled for years with Obsessive/Compulsive type stuff, so it is easy for me to see how one can become addicted to this type of thing. In fact, as I was paying for some food at one point, I saw a ticket in front of the register indicating that someone had wagered $50 on horse number 5 to win in race 8. It came in second. $50 down the drain, just like that. I felt bad for that person.

That's why we never (read that again) bet more than $2 on a race.

This keeps it at a level of just good-natured fun.

I forgot to sister-in-law, Karen, was supposed to go with us last night, but backed out.

Hahah...remember the horse that won race 9?


Skary Karen.

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