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Invasion at Ameriquest (2005-05-02 - 6:46 p.m.)

I dare say that the loyal Texas Rangers fans (of which I am normally one) felt that their territory had been invaded by aliens throughout the last weekend (April 29-May 1).

Sunday afternoon's game at Ameriquest Field in Arlington was a sellout, over 49,000 fans in attendance. Approximately half of those fans (I have no firm numbers to substantiate this estimate, I could only use my eyes and ears) were Boston Red Sox fans! It was truly amazing.

Sunday's game was not quite as much fun as Saturday's. For one thing, we were sitting in the sun for the whole game, and it was pretty warm (close to 90).

Also, the game was not quite as exciting. There was a lot less action, only one home run (by a Ranger in the bottom of the ninth), and no score from the top of the 5th until the bottom of the ninth.

(Woohoo...Bill Mueller just got a stand-up double in tonight's game!)

This made for a long second half of the game. The Rangers tried to make a game of it in the bottom of the ninth. Score was 6-3 and the Rangers got a two-run homer, but Foulke struck out the last batter as thousands of Red Sox fans were on their feet cheering.

Oh, yeah. The Yankees lost. To the Blue Jays.

It was a good day.

Oh, and I found the "lost" pictures. I'll post them tomorrow.


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