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Coldplay quiz and random thoughts (2003-06-08 - 7:30 a.m.)

First things first...

You are "Yellow" by Coldplay

What Coldplay Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I found that at ghostiness's site, whom I'm sure found it somewhere else. What kind of quiz will they think of next? And I'm highly suspicious of this one...I think you just get the song that goes with the lyrics you pick. But, then, I do identify a lot with "Yellow."

Well, that's going to be about it for this entry. I have to write something for church this morning, and I still have to practice a couple of songs that I'm playing, because I'm a little rusty on them. Actually considering playing only guitar on them.

BTW...we watched "The Fast and the Furious" this week, well, ghostiness and I watched it, anyway. It was actually a pretty cool movie. There's a really awesome race scene at the end, and in the extra stuff, they let you watch it from all nine camera angles that it took to film it. Reminds me of playing "Stuntman" on PS2.

I also had to go out and buy a new home theater system last night. The old one kept going "overload" on me. I think I finally figured out what was wrong, but it still wasn't something that would have been easy to fix. Might could have gotten out with just having to buy a new subwoofer, though. Anyway, I got a new Sony system, and finally figured out how to wire it so that the Playstation and Xbox sound comes through the system. Awesome! I think Silent Hill 2 played through that system will be REALLY scary!!


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