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My Stream of Consciousness Runs Amok (2007-03-06 - 1:23 a.m.)

I just read on Morticon's diary that the next new episode of Heroes won't be until April 23!


I haven't watched the new one yet, but it is recorded on my DVR. I will probably watch it tonight (Tuesday), while American Idol is on.

I've already had to go three weeks without any Bones or House because stupid American Idol takes over television for several weeks.

I honestly, truly , hate that show. Why, then, do I watch it? I don't know. And I don't want to talk about it. So there. Actually, it is because other people in my house like it.

Anyway, Heroes is building up to something...last week's episode, I thought, was really good. I was tempted to feel sorry for Claire's father, and admire what he did, but then I remembered that he dug his own hole. And does he really work for Sulu?? Egad. Did we finally get to see Linderman's face tonight? I'll find out Tuesday night. So don't tell me.

In other news, Coldplay has been quoted as saying that their upcoming new album will have their best song yet. Wow. I'm glad they are confident. They do keep coming up with some pretty good stuff. I don't think X & Y (or whatever it was called) surpassed "A Rush of Blood...," though. There are some really good songs on it. "Fix You" is probably my favorite from the newest album.

Anyway, we shall see....I didn't even know a new Coldplay album was on the way.

The Rangers are looking pretty sharp in Spring Training. So far, they are 3-1. Of course, that really is irrelevant. What is more important is what we see from pitchers like Brandon McCarthy, and other players as they work to get back into the game. It's just exciting that they are playing again. And it is exactly one month until opening day at Ameriquest Field.

Bring it on!!

TTFN, y'all.

Oh...I almost forgot. Catie is walking for autism. Go to her site and give some support. Finding the cause and a cure for autism is a worthy cause. The rate of affected children has now risen to 1 in 150. That is alarming. And I really feel that it's time for the government to stop fighting over whether or not mercury and vaccines had anything to do with it and just buckle down and figure it out. However, in the meantime, our politicians need to stop sleeping with pharmaceutical companies...but that's a different entry for another time.

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