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Sophomore Schedule (August 19, 2009 - 4:26 p.m.)

So Stephanie has her schedule for the new school year. I'm glad that they have abandoned the insanity of the schedule they had last year. Last year, there were five periods on a modified block schedule. I'm surprised anyone could remember what class they were supposed to go to on what day. 1st and 5th periods were an hour long and the same class every day. 2nd through 4th periods were an hour and a half and alternated every other day between two classes.

This year, there will be four periods of 1 1/2 hour each, alternating between A and B days. So here is Stephanie's schedule for the year.

On A days, 1st period will be Biology. 2nd period will be Basic English. 3rd period will be B.I.M.M. which stands for Business Image and Multimedia Management. 4th will be in the STARS room, a class focusing on study skills.

On B days, 1st period will be Applied Math. 2nd will be Food Science Technology (not sure what that means) in the 1st nine weeks and Marketing Yourself in the 2nd nine weeks. Just what everyone needs. A class on marketing themselves... 3rd will be World History, and 4th will be the STARS class again, just like the first semester.

Steph is very excited about starting school Monday.

We've had an interesting thing going on for a few weeks. It seems that there is someone on Facebook pretending to be Ron Washington. Has a picture of Ron up and everything. A couple weeks ago, this person told Stephanie that he would send her a birthday card autographed by Rangers players.

Yesterday, she got an envelope in the mail with a return address saying it was from Ron Washington on Ballpark way. Inside was a folded piece of red construction paper, a homemade birthday card. There were quite a few "signatures" of players, along with their numbers. Thing is, we have baseballs autographed by a bunch of these guys, and the names on this paper were nowhere near what their sigs look like. In some cases, it was obvious that the same person had written some of them.

Strangely, there was nothing that appeared to be cruel about this. But why someone would go to such elaborate means to pull of a hoax like this boggles my mind. We had a very difficult time convincing Stephanie that this wasn't real. I even found a picture on ebay of an autographed Ron Washington card, and the writing on the envelope was nowhere close. Oh, well. The world is a strange place...

TTFN, y'all!

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