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A Busy Day! (August 21, 2009 - 5:57 p.m.)

There are several things to write about today.

First of all, at the risk of making some people mad, I must insist that "Watchmen" was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I stayed up way too late watching it last night. It was every bit as disjunct and confusing as the graphic novel, which I also thought was highly over-rated.

But an even worse movie, which I attemted to watch afterwards, was called "Let the Right One In." It was billed on the box as the "Best. Vampire. Movie. Ever." So, naturally, I had to watch it, right, being a guy who loves all things vampirey.

Oh. My. Gosh. This was absolutely THE worst movie I have ever seen, bar none. It was worse than Flashdance. It was worse than Legends of the Fall. It was worse than Margot At the Wedding (bloody awful movie, that...). To begin with, it was Russian, overdubbed in English. And for the slightly over an hour that I watched before I gave up and stopped, NOTHING HAPPENED!! Gah!!! I want my hour back!! At least Watchmen had some entertaining moments in it...

Ok...while I was gone to physical therapy today (which was not bad...since I had back to back days, they took it a little easier on my today), Christi the Plumber fixed the shower handle that has been broken for a couple of months. We've been using a screwdriver to turn the shower on and off for that whole time. We went to The Home Depot and bought a replacement, which turned out to be too small (you should always take the old one with you to keep that from happening...we've learned that now). So yesterday, we got another one. Christi got out there, turned the water off, and fixed the whole thing, and it works famously!

I have a wonderful wife!

And finally, this afternoon, after going and getting Rachel's fiance a birthday present and having lunch at Cheddar's, we took Stephie up to the school and met some of her teachers. First, we met Mrs. Landry, the BIMM teacher (apparently, that stands for Business Image Management and Multimedia or something like that...we just call it "BIMM") in the STARS room, where we were eventually joined by Mr. Reynolds, the greatest teacher on earth. Seriously, he has made high school bearable for both Stephie and us! We talked with Mrs. Landry for a little while, during which she made it obvious that she was very willing to work with Stephie to make her comfortable in the class and help her in any way she needed.

Afterwards, Mr. Reynolds took us to see some of Stephie's other classes and teachers. We met her biology teacher, Mrs. Young. There will be three or four other STARS students in that class besides Stephie, so he will be in the class with them every day. Mrs. Young was also very nice and seemed very supportive of Stephie's anxiety issues and ever told her that if she needed to step out of the class for a few minutes to "cool down," that was ok with her. Then we met Mrs. Morrow, who will be teaching Food Science Technology. This sounds like a fun class that will involve some cooking. They will even make candy at some point in the class, such as fudge and divinity. Mr. Reynolds enthusiastically stated that he would be there for that class! The room was large and very well lit, and the tables were well spaced. We went by the English teacher's class, but she was gone for the day. Then we went to Mrs. Landry's class to see where it was. There were a couple other students in there, and they were very friendly to Stephie. Mrs. Landry seems like she is going to be very good for Stephie, and even hugged her when we left. That made us feel very good.

Stephie got a little nervous right at the end. I think it was a lot to process in one day, but Mr. Reynolds told her to only focus on the first class for now. I think that's good advice. Baby steps.

Hopefully, it will be a good year for all of us. Any prayers and positive thoughts will be appreciated.



ANGELS LOSE!!! (Sorry Brin...)

YANKEES LOSE!!!!!!!! (No apologies to anyone for that one!)

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