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The First Two Weeks of School (September 06, 2009 - 8:12 a.m.)

It's been an interesting two weeks. School is mostly going ok. Except for one class.

We seem to be having a serious problem with math.

The first week went ok. But on Monday of the second week, we got an email that said Steph was refusing to go to class. She wouldn't go to math class. She recovered and went to the rest of her classes. The consequence was that she lost an hour of computer time Monday evening.

Wednesday morning (math is only on "B" days), started out, ok, but by the time we got to school, Stephanie was saying she was scared. I sent an email to the Stars teacher, warning him.

Sure enough, at first period, Steph had a little outburst, sat down at the classroom computer, even though the teacher told her not to, and kind of slapped at the teacher's hand when she went to take the keyboard away from her. She was also said to have hit the wall outside the class a couple of times. She got no computer time Wednesday evening.

Friday, she went to the class for 45 minutes, but then, when the teacher refused to let her leave to go to the Stars room, she "stomped" out of class. "Stomped" was the word used in the email. The Stars teacher suggested shortened computer time for the evening, but I felt that the fact that she went to class and stayed for 45 minutes was a small victory, and I believe we should be rewarding victories. So I wouldn't let her use Rhapsody Friday after school.

My feeling is that we have a teacher who is not willing to compromise on anything. We seem to be having a battle of the wills in this situation, and what this teacher doesn't know yet is that she has met the ultimate strong-willed child. Somehow we have to communicate to her that if she wants to engage in this fight, she needs to be prepared for it to last a really long time. As anyone who reads here knows, we have had fights at home that have literally lasted four+ hours. And I'm using "literally" literally, not like some who say, "I literally laughed my head off." No. You didn't, you idiot.

Anyway. The irresistable force has met the immovable object. We will see how this goes. Of course, we are committed to working with the school to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. But if we have a teacher that refuses to work with us and compromise a little, it's not going to work. The teacher will not win this battle. And in the end, neither will Stephanie. Everyone will lose. And Stephanie's already low self-confidence level will fall a little more.

I have also updated my book list, if anyone is interested. It's on a link over to the right somewhere. It's not caught up for all the years in between, but 2009 is up to date, if anyone cares what I've been reading.

TTFN, y'all!

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