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A Journey Through Autism, Pt. 9 (2006-07-17 - 6:13 p.m.)

Yesterday (Sunday) was one of those days where we have doubts about the whole thing.

Saturday wasn't much better, either. Stephanie was not on her best behavior, and Sunday on the way home from church, she just talked non-stop, with a kind of "stream-of-consciousness" kind of theme. Basically, when she gets like this, whatever enters her brain automatically comes out her mouth with no filters in between.

For example, I don't remember the topic of discussion, but in the middle of a sentence, trying to explain a reason for something, the sentence came out something like, "Because that house is for sale." There was no conversation about a house. Or a sale. It was a total non sequitur.

There was a small argument over something. Ironically, I don't even remember what it was about. What I do remember is that Christi, at one point, just started crying and saying that she was, once again, feeling like there was no hope after all.

But there is one consideration. Stephanie's on her period again. Yep. Started a couple of days ago. If you've been reading this, you remember an entry a few times back that discussed this. Only thing is, usually, the behavior is "pre." This is during.

After we got home, I gently reminded Christi of the event last Wednesday night (see the previous entry, I think). There has been progress. There really has. And we used to have episodes like Sunday's every freakin' day! Now, they occur less than once a week.

We aren't going to give up.

I think we've had 8 PK Therapy sessions now, so in a couple of weeks, there should be some kind of evaluation to see what we do next. We are also still awaiting the results of the genetic testing that we were having done.

In other, not-at-all-important-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things news, both of my favorite baseball teams lost yesterday. One of them, the Red Sox, was playing the team that the other one, the Rangers, are in a dead heat over first place with. Bleah!! That put the Rangers back in second, and allowed the Evil Empire to inch within a half-game of first place behind the Red Sox. Sigh. It could be a long second half.

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