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Buffy Stuff (2004-01-16 - 5:31 p.m.)

I tried to do this yesterday, and right in the big middle of my entry, I got the "blue screen of death." AAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!!!

And then it was time to go get Subway for dinner, so I had to stop.

So I'm trying again.

And then I have to go to Kroger to get dinner to cook.

As I was trying to write yesterday, we finished Season 5 of BtVS the other day, watching the season finale, "The Gift." I suppose there is enough evidence to support the theory that "The Gift" was actually supposed to be the series finale. Buffy was supposed to be over after season 5.

And it probably should have been. Even though there are many memorable moments in Season 6 (Tabula Rosa anyone?)(THE SEX)(Double Meat Palace)(and who, oh, who can ever forget "Once More With Feeling??). Ok. So maybe it shouldn't have ended. But maybe Buffy should have stayed dead, ok? We could have called it "Friends of the Slayer" or "Further Adventures of the Scoobies" or "Sunnydale A.B." (After Buffy). Then we wouldn't have had to spend two more seasons screaming SHUT UP, BUFFY!! at the television. And maybe the show would still be going on.

Oh, well, back to "The Gift." Too much crying at the end. So emotional. Spike cries. Spike is not supposed to cry. Willow cries. Anytime Willow cries, I'm done for the evening. That's it. I've never seen anyone that can cry like that Hannigan girl!! One of my favorite episodes is "Passion," where Bad Angel kills Jenny Calendar (whom we are going to meet in Houston this May--Woohoo!!). Buffy hands Willow the phone at the end and slides down the wall, and then Willow just bursts into tears, and so do I!

There are some big plot holes in "The Gift," though. Somewhere, they make this jump that Dawn was created from Buffy. ???? Where did that come from? Why did Buffy jumping from the tower stop the sodding portal? There is no reason to think that Dawn and Buffy had the same blood at all. Oh, well. I guess Joss is allowed some stuff like that.

I have decided that Season 5 may be my overall favorite season. May be. I have yet to watch all of the episodes of Season 6. I have seen most of it, but not all.

One thing's for sure. There is no doubt that Glory (I don't think I can spell Glorificus) is so my favorite "big bad" now. I love Glory. Beautiful, snarky, and powerful all rolled into one.

Ok. Angel Season 3 comes out in February, I think. Looking forward to that. I never thought that I would be hooked on Angel as much as I was on Buffy. I mean, we used to hate Angel in this house. I mean Angel the guy, not the series. We only liked him when he was bad.

Then we have the Houston Slayer Convention in May, where we will meet Anthony Stewart Head, Robia Lamort, Juliet Landau (I love Drusilla!!), James Leary (Clem), Mercedes Mcnab (Harmony), whom we met in Plano a couple months ago...she is really nice, and George Hertzberg (Adam), whom we met in Chicago last May on the same weekend. He was really cool.

I think that's it so far. They claim that there are still other guests that have been invited.

We had a new Angel last Wednesday night, and it was ok. Not great, but ok. It was all about Harmony, which was kind of cool. They had us feeling all sorry for her. And there was a pretty cool "vamp" cat fight at the end between Harmony and the chick from the steno pool who was trying to get her killed. Spike was only in it for a few minutes, as was Lorne.

I guess that's it for tonight.

Off to Kroger.

Oh, yeah...I almost forgot! Who's a MORON?

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