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Clear Channel Gets Naked (2005-04-24 - 8:09 a.m.)

I'm a little disturbed.


No, not that kind of disturbed.

*singing sweetly*
"C'mon get down with the sickness..."


Ok, anyway, what am I disturbed about, you might ask? Or you might not, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

It seems that Clear Channel has begun to align itself with a seedy type of venture. Let me explain.

I listen to two different Clear Channel radio stations at night while I'm at work. When I'm not listening to cds that I brought from home or from some station that plays praise and worship music. Those two stations are KDGE, otherwise known as "The Edge," and KZPS, otherwise known as "KZPS." The Edge used to be well known for playing what was once "alternative" music. A big beef of mine is that "alternative" music no longer exists. What is being touted as "alternative" is now mainstream. *Stop rolling your eyes at me, Rachel!* And there used to be another CC station, KEGL, which was known as "The Eagle." The Eagle was well known for playing hard rock, even heavy metal. Sometime last year, I think, The Eagle went away. Clear Channel shut it down. It was replaced by "Sunny." You can only imagine what it plays. Maybe you can't. Anyway, ever since then, the Edge has been getting progressively harder and rougher. I think that the transformation will be complete within the year. The Edge will probably become what the Eagle once was.

Now, all that said, that is not what I'm disturbed about. What I'm disturbed about it is a recent ad campaign on the Edge.

I'm used to hearing ads for strip clubs and similar businesses at night on these stations. If a business is going to pay the price the station will run the ad. That's not so bothersome. However, recently, the Edge has begun to associate it's name with these clubs.

For is EdgeFest 14. The big yearly concert with six thousand bands on 15 stages. Ok. I'm exaggerating a little. Anyway, last night, they had the yearly EdgeFest "Preparty." At Silver City in Dallas. Silver City is a topless joint. And no, that doesn't mean it doesn't have a roof! So, not only was the Edge going to have representation in the form of djs at this party, the "Girls Gone Wild" crew was also slated to be there. Right away, you know what kind of "party" this was going to be. One for hormonal males only, unless you're a girl who's willing to take your shirt off for the hormonal males.

The EdgeFest "Afterparty" is going to be tonight. At Silver City. Every Sunday night, Silver City is hosting Service Industry Night (they even make much of the fact that Service Industry Night spells S.I.N.). S.I.N. will be emceed by Chris Ryan, a dj for (guess who?) the Edge.

All of this tells me that the Edge is going after an audience that I really don't want to be part of. That's what disturbs me. A radio station is clearly targeting a segment by not only running ads for a strip club, but actually sponsoring activities at said strip club.

The thing that makes this irresponsible on the part of Clear Channel is that there are children who like to listen to the music that this station plays. Now, granted, children have no business listening to Disturbed. Actually, nobody has an business listening to Disturbed. But that's another entry altogether. In a way, they are kind of funny, though. Posers. Anyway, that's what I'm disturbed about.

It doesn't shock me. I'm never shocked when depraved people act depraved. It's part of their nature. But, in my opinion, Clear Channel and the Edge have crossed a line that I'm not sure I'm willing to cross with them. It also pains me that my good friend, BrettX, graveyard shift dj at the Edge who also happens to be a Christian, is having to work in this environment. That must be difficult. I wonder if they made him go to that "preparty."

In other news, a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Maynard, the front man for Tool and A Perfect Circle, "found Jesus." That's two members from major rock bands in the past several months that have reportedly been saved. Dominos, anyone?


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