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Merry Christmas (2006-12-25 - 7:22 a.m.)

Merry Christmas to all!

No one else is up yet, at almost 7:30! our kids have always slept late on Christmas. Not at all like me when I was a kid. I never slept a wink on Christmas Eve!

Last night's dinner with my wife's side of the family was surreal. My mother-in-law was (at least we think) totally drugged out. She had to be prompted constantly to see if she wanted something on her plate, and it was as if she was staring into empty space the whole night. The gifts that she brought were in plain white boxes (nothing wrong with that, mind you), but she forgot to put names on most of them, and the ones that did have names on them were wrong. So I got to open most of them, then hand them to the people that they were really for.

My wife's niece was here usual ungrateful self. She brought no gift for anyone (of course she has no job, either---I think she is, like 22 now), and did nothing but complain about everything she received. Except, for some reason, she liked what we gave her. I wanted knock her head off, you know?

The food, as usual was delectably, delightfully delicious! My mother-in-law's husband is a marvelous cook. In fact, I had the awkward "pleasure" of making mashed potatoes while he sat there watching. He is the master of mashed potatoes. I felt very inadequate. HAHAHA....

We will be giving our gifts soon, after a nice cup of coffee...and then after noon, we will travel to my parents' home in Mineral Wells. That should be nice.

Again, Merry Christmas to all of you, and be safe today.

TTFN, y'all!

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