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Rangers 6 Twins 0 !! (2005-08-27 - 9:47 a.m.)

What do you know?

The Texas Rangers actually played BASEBALL last night!!

Compared to what they usually play, which I'm not sure what that is.

Kameron Loe flat out kicked butt last night in his first ML start. At least I think it was his first start. He is normally a reliever. Ok...the "official" article says it was his first start of this season. Whatever.

Anyway...he absolutely sparkled!! He pitched very strongly for five innings, allowing no runs on only 5 hits (one per inning). He recorded 5 strikeouts, two of those back-to-back in one inning. The team played basically flawlessly behind him. In fact, the only possible error (which was scored as a base hit) was when Loe, himself, threw wildly to attempt an out at first base. I assume the official scorekeepers decided that the runner would have beat out the throw anyway. Loe threw the ball so hard that it bounced back out right next to the first baseman, so the runner didn't even get to advance. Haha!!

The Rangers hit well, getting 10 hits for their 6 runs, and only stranding three men on base. (That must be some kind of record for them.) Home runs were blasted by David Dellucci (after lamely striking out in his leadoff at bat), Michael Young, and Alfonso Soriano. It was an extremely satisfying game.

Stephanie and I were there, watching from a Club Box seat right behind the Rangers' dugout (second level). I kept a scorecard for the first time in many years. Personally, for me, it made the game that much more exciting.

C. J. Wilson relieved Loe in the 6th inning (I was disappointed, but perhaps Loe was tired), and they proceeded to get the Twins out three up/three down for three consecutive innings.

I found myself wondering, "Who are these guys? Where are the real Rangers? Where has this team been since the All-Star break??"

Rangers--6 runs on 10 hits
Twins--0 runs on 6 hits

In other baseball news, the hated Yankees won against the KC Royals, 5-1. But Cleveland also won over Toronto, 9-3, keeping the AL Wildcard race tight.

The beloved Red Sox won a tight game over the Tigers 9-8. It was a close one and we didn't know until we got home who won, because they took all the numbers down from the scoreboard before the fireworks display.

Which was truly awesome, as well. It was "Military Appreciation" night at the Ballpark. They had color guards from all four branches of the Armed Forces and the Air National Guard Band was on hand to perform a couple of marches and play the Star-Spangled Banner (in a singable key, even!!). I say that because the last game we attended featured some strings playing the same song in a key so high that it was impossible to sing in a normal voice.

So. Except for the Yankees winning, it was a truly wonderful night.


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