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Vacation, pt. 2 (2006-06-04 - 10:41 a.m.)

I'll make a quick entry this morning before we leave Idaho. This is our last morning in Idaho Falls, ID (thanks to Fan4). We are picking up Cody (the boyfriend) at 11:15 and heading East to Wyoming and Teton Village. There will be very limited net access there (unless we luck out and our condo has high speed internet, which I'm not even remotely expecting), so updates will be limited to the few times we can find hot spots. Also means we won't be able to play WOW for a while. Boo.

Yesterday was a much better day, which lends credibility to the theory that the first day's problems were related to the addition of the folinic acid to the treatment.

We got up late (YAY!!) and left Rachel at the hotel room, waiting for Cody. Christi, Stephanie, and I went back to the Five and Diner for breakfast. They had a pretty good breakfast. After that, we drove around a little bit, finding a movie theater, the Target store, etc.

After that, we went to see the falls, after which Idaho Falls is named. These falls were created by a hydroelectric project that was begun in the early 20th century. The city gets about 50% of its own power from three different plants. Anyway, they are really pretty. They aren't high falls, like down a mountain, they are more like a series of river rapids. Whatever they are, they are still very pretty. We walked around them for a little while (also getting a look at a HUGE Mormon temple), fed the ducks, then walked through a small farmers' market.

After that, we stopped by the music store that Cody and his step-father both work at. It's called Chesbro's and is a very nice store. It's pretty big and has a pretty big selection of band/orchestra instruments, as well as guitars, drums and keyboards. I bought a set of Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkies, and 10 guitar picks that had the name of the store on them.

Then we went to Sonic for a drink, and proceeded to the local zoo. They have a really nice zoo in Idaho Falls. Not huge, but well layed out and all the animals were actually visible. Stephanie was really good through all of this.

After the zoo, we were pretty tired, but needed a few things, so we stopped at Target. Everyone there was so friendly! Every employee we saw wanted to help us find something. At one point, I began running away when I saw them. Oh...we also went to Best Buy for new headphones (all I had was ear buds and they hurt), and a really cheap DVD player for the condo.

Later on, Cody and Rachel came back (they had gone out to meet up with a common friend in town and watched a couple of movies and played some games), and we went out to dinner. Our general tradition on vacations is that we eat a late breakfast and dinner, two meals a day, with various snacks in between.

That's about it for this day. No autism report today. I'll get back into that after we get back, unless I suddenly think of something that I've forgotten. So far, we've managed to stick with the diet. Basically, we get burgers without buns for her, or grilled chicken, then some form of potatoes.

We are really looking forward to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.

TTFN, y'all

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